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We all have that someone who spend their days and nights wrapped around a PC controller and we know well by now that there’s no amateur level in this HD screen and console love affair, once you start to play ...you’re a gamer for life. So stop nagging this unsung hero and throw them a bone and some backhanded support with a gift that will impress them so much they might even pause the game. A Dungeons & Dragons tabletop battlemat featuring the scene of your choice: Forrest Encounter or Merchant’s Guild/Tavern. Pick one or grab them both and stay tuned for more options to soon hit our shelves. All items are made from durable and modern material with anti slip rubber backing - they can be easily rolled up, cleaned, transported and customized.  CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOMED : CREATE the ULTIMATE BATTLEMAT! I can craft the unique, bespoke battlemat that you've always wanted. It's time to throw out that old black or blue duvet cover and add some realism to your tabletop with a custom durable, authentic and colourful wargaming mat. Just flick a message over to me with more details, a PDF or a rough drawing of your idea and we’ll take it from there.

◼Size: 31.8cm x 48.26 cm, 0.635 cm thick ( 15x19 inches 1/4" thickness or 1/8') 

◼Neoprene, rubber backing

◼For custom requests send us a message before ordering