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Getting ready to host a garage sale? You may have given lots of thought to most of the details: what you'll be selling, how much you'll be charging, how you'll be displaying and laying out your items, how long you plan on hosting it – all of this is in the back of your mind, and you're ready to open bright and early on Saturday morning. But here's a key question you may have overlooked: what are you doing to spread awareness? You might be telling friends and neighbours, but to spread the word to surrounding homes and communities, you'll need proper promotion, and word of mouth will only go so far. To truly get the news out in a simple yet effective manner, you need garage sale signs, and that's where can help. 

Dedicated to helping both businesses and individuals find everything they need for both indoor and outdoor display, provides a wide range of options for signage, including  banners, banner stands, backdrops, wall decals, coroplast signs, frames, stickers, outdoor signs, stationery and design services. For homeowners hosting this well-known neighbourhood event, can help you get the word out with garage sale signs that meet your specific needs. 

A major aspect that allows to provide individuals with quality garage sale signs is their recent acquisition of an EFI H62 printer, a piece of technology used for printing rigid signs on corrugated plastic, much like the ones displayed on front lawns whenever election time rolls around. This state-of-the-art device means they are able to ensure individuals receive a superior product that's perfect for display all over the neighbourhood – on signposts, trees, fences and even inside local stores. 

If you're looking for options for your garage sale signs, offers rigid prints on the following materials: coroplast acrylic, foam core PVC, and komatex boxboard, all of which are available in sizes up to 45mm thick on single or double sides. If you'd like to get creative and print something more exciting than those dime-a-dozen standard signs, they also offer custom options – all you need to do is ask. Whatever you're looking for to spread the word about your garage sale, can help with options for material, size and design.

 Wondering if your garage sale signs will hold up in the event of inclement weather? Coroplast signs from are lightweight, strong, waterproof, weather resistant and ideal for both outdoor or indoor use, allowing them to last in any location and throughout any conditions. 

If you're getting ready to host a garage sale and want to start to spread the news, can help, with a wide range of garage sale signs that are printed on superior materials and with options for different sizes and designs.  For more information on how they can help you, or to learn more about their other products and services, visit them online at You can also contact them via email at phone at 416-990-5485 or visit their showroom at 232 Wilkinson Road in Brampton, Ontario.