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Trusted Brampton, ON-based banner displays specialist, has announced that they’ve recently introduced a new printing system designed to craft rigid, highly durable signs. By utilizing their EFI H62 printer, the experts can create garage sale signs, property sale signs and other types of signage for outdoor applications that require superior levels of durability.  It’s imperative that garage sale signs capture the attention of neighbourhood residents. They must be designed expertly using quality printed graphics. It’s also imperative that garage sale signs withstand buffeting from the windy weather Canada experiences in the fall and winter seasons. That’s why many...

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Getting ready to host a garage sale? You may have given lots of thought to most of the details: what you'll be selling, how much you'll be charging, how you'll be displaying and laying out your items, how long you plan on hosting it – all of this is in the back of your mind, and you're ready to open bright and early on Saturday morning. But here's a key question you may have overlooked: what are you doing to spread awareness? You might be telling friends and neighbours, but to spread the word to surrounding homes and communities, you'll...

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It's that classic, time-tested event that you see every weekend in one neighbourhood or another – and now it's your turn to be the host. Whether you're selling a few small items here and there or are planning a full-on basement and attic blowout, you're ready to spend the day haggling, selling, and maybe meeting a few new friendly faces. But your event won't get much traffic if you're not working to attract attention in your area – and we're not just talking about flyers on lampposts and word of mouth from neighbour to neighbour. When those aren't enough, you...

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